• REIT Manager’s Fees

    10.0% per annum of the Distributable Income.

    The REIT Manager is also entitled to a Variable Fee, calculated as 25% of the difference in DPU for each year compared to the preceding year multiplied by the weighted average number of units in issue during the year. No Variable Fee is payable until after 31 December 2022.

    The REIT Manager will also receive Acquisition Fees and Divestment Fees, which will not exceed 1.0% of the acquisition price of each real estate asset acquired and not exceed 0.5% of the disposal price of each real estate asset divested.

  • Trustee’s Fee

    Currently approximately 0.02% per annum of the value of the REIT’s properties per annum. The fee is adjusted depending on the value of the REIT’s properties, and is subject to a minimum of RMB56,000 per month and a cap of 0.06%.

    If the Trustee were to undertake duties that are outside the scope of its ordinary duties, it may also charge additional fees on a time-cost basis, at a rate to be agreed with the REIT Manager.

  • Operations Manager’s Fees

    An amount equivalent to 5% of the rental income of the PRC Property Companies.

    The Operations Manager will also receive an amount equivalent to 2.5% of capital expenditure for refurbishment and renovation it oversees.

  • Property Manager’s Fees

    An amount equivalent to 12% of the car parking and building management fees (except air-conditioning charges and promotional fees) collected, except for Garden City Shopping Centre, where the Property Manager’s Fee is currently fixed at RMB650,000 per annum.