China Merchants Commercial REIT understands that a robust ESG management structure enables us to effectively manage relevant issues and risks. To this end, the ESG Working Group functions to consolidate and strengthen the ESG management of China Merchants Commercial REIT and implement various ESG practices in accordance with the established terms of reference.

The ESG Working Group consists of three levels, namely the ESG Executive Group, the ESG Management Team and the ESG Execution Team. The ESG Executive Group, consisting of staff from the REIT Manager, is responsible for leading and overseeing overall ESG work. The ESG Management Team, consisting of staff from the Operations Manager, is responsible for coordinating and organising various ESG tasks. The ESG Execution Team, consisting of staff from the Property Manager, is responsible for implementing and executing the ESG policies and relevant affairs.

The main duties of the ESG Working Group include

  • 01

  • Assist the Board in overseeing the implementation and effectiveness of China Merchants Commercial REIT’s ESG policies and practices.

  • 02

  • Assist the Board in overseeing the formulation of ESG strategies and plans, assessing ESG risks (including climate-related risks), and implementing ESG practices in daily operations.

  • 03

  • Assist the Board in formulating and reviewing ESG targets and the progress on achieving the targets; enhance the effectiveness and applicability of relevant initiatives.

  • 04

  • Assist the Board in determining the material ESG issues for investors and other stakeholders.

  • 05

  • Assist the Board in reviewing and monitoring China Merchants Commercial REIT’s policies and practices to comply with ESG-related legal and regulatory requirements.